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    Bacon Or Sausage?

    Who doesn't love some fresh cooked bacon? Then again there are some way too delicious sausages out there. What would you pick if you only had to choose one? Personally I could never give up bacon but I know that decision could be different for you or maybe you don't wanna have to pick. Well Luckily you don't have to pick! You don't even have to order them separately!  

    Our Bacon & Brats Deal comes with 5lbs of premium bacon (5-1lbs packages), And 3 different kinds of brats. I bet your thinking that bacon is clearly winning at this deal but you would be mistaken. Each kind of brat comes with 5 1lb packages (Theres 4 Brats in each 1lb package). Hold On Thats 15 Brat packages (60 total links if your counting) and 5 Pounds of Bacon?!?

    Who are you kidding right that sounds amazing. Perfect for all those family gatherings we will be having.

    Get Yours Here: Bacon and Brats Box | Fat Daddy Meats

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