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    Angus Strips and Wagyu Burgers! - Fat Daddy Meats
    Angus Strips and Wagyu Burgers! - Fat Daddy Meats

    Angus Strips and Wagyu Burgers!

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    (12) 5lbs total - American Wagyu Burgers

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    Angus Legacy Strip 

    Angus Legacy strip steaks are a type of beef steak that is highly prized for its flavor and tenderness. The term "Angus" refers to a specific breed of cattle that is known for producing high-quality beef. Angus cattle are bred to have marbled meat, which means that the muscle fibers are interspersed with fat, giving the meat a rich and juicy flavor.


    The strip steak is cut from the short loin of the cow, which is located behind the ribs and includes the tenderloin. This cut of meat is characterized by its marbling and tenderness, making it a popular choice for steak lovers.


    The term "Legacy" refers to the specific breed of Angus cattle that is used to produce the steaks. The Legacy Angus breed is known for producing meat that is rich in flavor and highly marbled.


    When cooking Angus Legacy strip steaks, it's important to choose a cooking method that will help to enhance the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Some popular methods include grilling, broiling, or pan-searing the steaks. It's also important to let the meat rest for a few minutes before serving, to allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat.


    Overall, Angus Legacy strip steaks are a delicious and highly prized cut of meat that is sure to impress any steak lover.